Table Caddy

Table Caddy


Worsted Yarn

2 Sheets #7 Mesh

PictureStitches Used

Tent Stitch



Cut (4) end pattern pieces, (4) 17x17 thread side pieces, (2) 17x25 thread bottom pieces, (2) 4x17 thread handle side pieces, and (2) 7x17 thread pieces for handle top/bottom pattern. Leave unstitched 2 end pieces, 2 side pieces, and 1 bottom piece. Stitch sides, bottom and handle sides all in blue. Stitch ends, and handle top/bottom according to patterns. Once everything is stitched, it's time to assemble. Using blue throughout, whipstitch sides and ends and their corresponding liner pieces together through all 4 thicknesses. DO NOT stitch edges of upper diagonal part of ends at this time! Whipstitch bottom into place. Whipstitch handle pieces together, forming a rectangular tube. Whipstitch all four sides of handle ends to top of end pieces, and liner, aligning tops, and work through all thicknesses. Whipstitch all remaining edges, working over previous stitching at upper edge of each side where handle is attached.

 ** Please note!! You can use any colors for this caddy to make other holidays such as: Red/White for Christmas, Orange/Black for Halloween, Pastels for Springtime-The ideas are endless! Enjoy!!!

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