Sunny Sunflower Plant Poke


Sunny Sunflower Plant Poke



1 Clear #7 Mesh

Gold Worsted Yarn

Yellow Worsted Yarn

Red Worsted Yarn

Dark Blue Worsted Yarn

Country Blue Worsted Yarn

DMC #310 Black Thread

Wooden Skewer & Glue


Bring a little sunshine indoors....Cut 1 piece of PC 20x33 threads out of clear mesh as indicated on the pattern. Stitch the flower and pot in Tent Stitches and the bottom of the pot in Cross Stitches.  Add a red French Knot in the middle of the red Tent Stitches (indicated by a C on the pattern) to finish up the nose.  Using 6 strands of DMC black thread, stitch the face and outline of the pot in Backstitches and the eyes in French Knots, referring to the finished project as a guide.  Glue one end of a wooden skewer to the wrong side of “Sunny Sunflower”.

The Pattern


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