Notebook Cover


Notebook Cover

Picture Supplies

3 Sheets 10 1/2 X 13 1/2 #7 Mesh

Worsted Yarn: Cream and Varigated

(Photo project stitched with Jeweltone Brilliant by Redheart)

PictureStitches Used

Tent Stitch

Cross Stitch

Overcast Stitch

Gobelin Stitch

Alternating Scotch Stitch


Cut 2 pieces of PC, 62 X 74 threads for front and back. Stitch as shown on the above picture, leaving 8 threads on left unstitched for spine. Cut 2 pieces of PC, 35 X 74 threads for inside pockets, leave unstitched. Join the pockets to the inside of both front and back as indicated on inside view picture. Join front and back together with Cream using 2 threads of Cross Stitch, 4 threads of Gobelin and 2 more threads of Cross Stitch for each row. Use Cream Overcast stitches to cover any remaining unworked edges.

  Inside view

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