Bear in the Box
Bear In The Box

Materials Used:

(2) 7 count White Plastic Canvas Mesh

Needloft Yarn:

#14 Cinnamon (tree trunk) - 1 yd.
#27 Holly (tree) - 4 yds.
#15 Brown (bear outline) - 4 yds.
#40 Beige (bear face) - 1 yd.
#43 Camel (bear) - 11 yds.
#01 Red (bow) - 12 yds.
#41 White (wrapping paper) - 15 yds.
#00 Black (box outline) - 8 yds.

For Finish Project:

#07 White/Gold Cord (bow outline) - 3 yds.
Red & Gold ribbon (hanger) - 28 inches

Stitches Used:

Continental Stitch
Reverse Continental Stitch


Cut out 2 pieces of canvas, 57X77 threads (56X76 holes). Stitch 1 piece according to the pattern. Follow the pattern and use the yarn guide as to what colors stitch where. All uncoded areas on the pattern are stitch in #41 White. Whipstitch the stitched piece of canvas to the unstitched piece of canvas. Using #15 Brown whipstitch the bears feet together. And using #00 Black, #01 Red, and #07 White/Gold Cord whipstitch to the according sections of the project, use the finished project picture as a guide. Threading the Red & Gold Ribbon from front to back into hole number 14 on the left side and then from back to front into hole number 42, tie ends together into a bow and hang onto wall.

The Pattern!

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