Sparkling Sachets

Sparkling Sachets


7 count Plastic Canvas Mesh (2 pieces)

Needloft Yarn:

#41 White - 16 1/2 yds.

Needloft Cord:

#18 Dawn Pink/Silver - 6 1/2 yds.
#06 Cerise - 5 yds
#32 Solid Magenta - 5 yds
#49 Iridescent White - 5 yds
#03 Metallic - 8 yds

To Finish Projects:

Fragrant Oil
Dryer Sheets, if desired

Stitches Used:

Continental Stitch
Alternating Continental
French Knot
Cross Stitch
Long Stitch
Slanting Gobelin
Scotch Stitch


These 4 sachets are designed to use all the background stitches that are in the Stitch Guide.

Cut 8 pieces of canvas 20X20 threads (19X19 holes). Stitch 2 pieces of canvas for each pattern, as indicated. For the sachet #3 use the Iridescent White cord instead of the White yarn and reverse the stitching for the back piece (so the back will be white main colors instead of cerise).

Whipstitch Sachets #1, #2, and #4 with white yarn and Sachets #3 with Iridescent white cord on 3 sides. Fill the pockets with polyfil and a few drops of your favorite fragrant oil, or if you like you can use scented dryer sheets (this will make the sachets flatter). Whipstitch each sachet the rest of the way.

The Pattern:


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