Little Gingerbread Boy Mirror Decor


Little Gingerbread Boy Mirror Decor

Materials Used:

2 sheets of 7 count Plastic Canvas Mesh

Needloft Yarn:
#13 Maple - 11 yds. (boy)
#00 Black - 7 yds. (outline, eyes, mouth)
#07 Pink - 1 yd. (cheeks)
#01 Red - 1 yd. (buttons)
#41 White - 5 yds. (outline)

Needloft Cord:
#07 White/Gold - 2 yds. (ruffles)

To Finish Project :
2 suction cups (small 1 1/4")


Stitches Used:

Continental Stitch
Cross Stitch
Whip Stitch



Cut 2 pieces of 48X57 threads (47X56 holes) for front and back. Stitch one piece of cut canvas according to Pattern 1. Don't forget to cross stitch the buttons in red.

Don't forget that the back & front aren't held the same way, though they might look similar, the patterns are different (if you get confused - the back is just a flipped piece of the front). Stitch the back piece according to Pattern 2 using only white & black yarn.

Whipstitch the stitched front piece to the stitched back piece of canvas with Maple yarn except the little bow on top is whipstitched in white. Use the finished project picture if you need help.

Once completed, hook 2 suction cups to the back of the project, 1 up top and 1 towards the bottom, about center. Stick to any mirror in the house for an added festive feel.

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