Canadian Bookmark


Canadian Bookmark Pattern


Materials Used:
7 count Plastic Canvas Mesh

Red Heart Yarn:
Red - 5 yds.
White - 3 yds.

To Finish Project:
For Tassel : 9 inches of white and 2 strips of 9 inches for the red

Stitches Used:
Continental Stitch
Long Stitch
Slanting Gobelin

Cut 1 piece of canvas 15X41 threads (14X40 holes) according to the pattern. Follow the pattern & finished project picture to stitch the project. On either side of the project, thread 1 piece of red at the #6 hole, 1 piece of white at the #7 hole, and 1 piece of red at the #8 hole. Knot the pieces together in the front of the project, trim, and then pull threads apart to give it a fluffed look. Braid the pieces together and then knot at the end, trimming and then pulling the threads apart to give it a fluffed look (as shown in the finished project picture).


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