Race Day Coaster and Mug Set

Race Day Coaster and Mug Set


7 count Plastic Canvas Mesh

(4) 4 inch Plastic Canvas circles

1 Clear Plastic Mug

White Worsted Weight Yarn

Black Worsted Weight Yarn

Light Gray Worsted Weight Yarn

Dark Gray Worsted Weight Yarn

Burgundy Worsted Weight Yarn


Stitches Used:

Tent Stitch

Reverse Tent Stitch

French Knots



Overcast Stitch

Scotch Stitch-Checked



Coaster Set

Using the circles stitch 4 wheel coasters according to the graph. The ungraphed areas are done in light gray Tent stitches. Place French Knots on coasters for the lug nuts as indicated on the graph. Overcast in light gray when complete. For the wheel coaster holder, cut out 2 pieces of PC, 32X13 threads for the front & back; 2 pieces of PC, 10X13 threads for the sides and 1 piece of PC, 32X10 threads for the bottom. Stitch the sides and back in Burgundy Tent stitches and leave the bottom piece unstitched. Stitch the front according to the graph, adding the Black French Knots when done with the light gray. The ungraphed areas are done in Burgundy Tent & Reversed Tent Stitches. Overcast the top of the front in gray. Whipstitch holder together in Burgundy.

Flag Mug

Cut 1 piece of PC 23X64 threads. Using the example, stitch the Mug Insert piece in a Scotch Stitch - checked. Overcast in black. Insert the stitched piece into the mug, and assemble the mug.


The Pattern

This pattern is inspired by Roger and Teresa's other hobby , which finds them at cars shows on nice weekends!

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