Funny Face Light Bulbs

Funny Face Light Bulbs


7 count Plastic Canvas Mesh

Needloft Yarn:
#07 Pink - 2 yds.
#00 Black - 2 yds.
#38 Gray - 2 yds.
#28 X-Mas Green - 4 yds.
#02 X-Mas Red - 4 yds.

Finishing Touches:
#310 Black DMC Pearl Cotton #5 Floss - 14 yds.(doubling the floss when stitching)
Silver Christmas Bulb Hooks

Stitches Used

Continental Stitch
Reverse Continental Stitch
Embriodery Backstitch
Overcast Stitch


Cut 2 pieces of 19X27 threads (18X26 holes) according to the pattern. Follow the pattern to stitch the projects, do one in green and one in red. Using the DMC floss backstitch the blue areas on the pattern and also around the mouth, nose, eyes and on base of the lightbulb (I also backstitch the entire outside of the lightbulb). Then Overcast the entire pattern in the DMC floss.

**You could also make these into magnets - just need 2 inches of sticky magnet strip to place on the back of each**

The Pattern

Funny Face Light Bulb Pattern

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