Bitsy Bear Bookmark




Material Used:

1/2 Clear #10 Mesh

DMC # 3371 Blackbrown

DMC # 3829 Old Gold Very Light

DMC # 729 Old Gold Medium

DMC # 825 Dark Blue

DMC # 996 Electric Blue

DMC # 954 Nile Green

DMC White

Stitches Used:

Cross Stitch

Straight Stitch

Slanting Gobelin


 Cut 1 piece of PC 26x56 threads out of clear mesh as indicated on the pattern. Make sure you stitch "Bitzy Bear" and the background before you do the lettering. Optionally: 1) Glue 2 pieces of 1/4 inch ribbon about 4 to 5 inches each long to the back of the bookmark then a piece of green felt the size of the bookmark over that. 2) Overcast the bookmark with whatever color you desire.

The Pattern



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